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Why Choose Booknet

Booknet is a proven solution that meets the needs of retail and education bookstores. Technology is reshaping every aspect of our lives including our businesses from researching knowledge to comparing prices, delivering better customer service experiences is not only important but expected.

Booknet features seamless integration to industry tools and utilises Electronic Data Exchange (EDI), making your ordering, receiving and returns more efficient. Our experienced team understand the changing nature of the industry.

Our willingness to work with partners ensures that we are continuing to provide the best value to our customers.


Seamless integration with book industry tools


Customisable and easy to use


Easy and secure options for online commerce


Globally owned, local expertise


Dedicated support services


Secure Online Commerce


Supports single store & multi-store capability


Drives efficiencies and productivity


Seamless integration with book industry tools

More Time To Engage With Your Customers

Single or Multi Store Connectivity

Today bookstores need more than just a POS system. Booknet is an intuitive, easy-to-use, in-person and online, comprehensive bookshop management solution, designed with independent and small chain retailers in mind.

It will simplify the way you work, increase efficiencies and leave more time to engage with your customers. Booknet continues to have a strong customer-driven philosophy and proudly continues to support book industry initiatives.






Manage And Grow Your Business
Without Driving Up Costs

Inventory Control

Supplier Relations

Reliable Reporting

Financial Management

Online Presence

First Class Support


Exceptional Choice of Modules

Booknet can help your store achieve this through its exceptional choice of modules and seamless integration to industry tools like Title page and Syndetics Unbound.

Inventory Management

Point of Sale, Direct Invoicing

Customer Orders

Purchase Orders

Receive Orders

Returns to Supplier

Textbook Management

Back-to-School Management

Integrated Financials

Online Commerce

Loyalty Program



Secure Online Commerce

Today bookstores need to think about the level of service to their customers, are you losing customers because you do not have an online presence.

Do you have the technical skills needed to do this?

Bookweb simplifies this for your store and provides you with a modern looking template that will have your website looking professional quickly.

It links to your Booknet database, saving you time by reducing extra keying or importing of data.

Partner integrations like Syndetics Unbound ensure you can provide additional information, elevating your customer’s experience and potential unlocking new sales.




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Syndetics Unbound Integration

Syndetics Unbound Integration

We are excited to announce our new integration to Syndetics Unbound. It is an exciting opportunity for your bookstore to provide additional information to your online customers and increase your book sales.


Bill Concannon, CEO, Mary Ryan’s Stores

Our shops do operate more efficiently as a result of using the Booknet system and the range of Thorpe-Bowker
products. I would recommend Booknet and the Thorpe-Bowker products to any bookshop.

Ken Young, Business Owner, Atlas Educational

Booknet have been providing my company with our Educational Booklist Solutions for over twenty years. My business requires specialised software and development. Booknet provides us with the platforms we require to successfully run our business. The Booknet software performs and meets our needs during our busy time of year. Staff are always efficient, courteous and professional and I have no hesitation in recommending Booknet for all aspects of the book industry.

Want to Know More?

Have someone from our business development team contact and provide you with more information about our Booknet and how it can help your bookstore.

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